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Dean Marriner, Founder

   I love how every wedding is different. Every bride and groom tell their story in their own special way and its my job to capture the essence of what makes people's wedding days most meaningful to them. I am based in Hampshire UK, however, I capture weddings throughout the country, on the continent and beyond.


    My style is modern and non-invasive. I aim to capture authentic and candid reactions for my films by bringing an easy-going and fun energy to my work. I am always up for getting creative with the different phases of a wedding day. 

    I have lived and worked in Hampshire most of my life but I'm always up for travel and adventure. I started shooting adventure films on mountain bikes and in kayaks when I lived on a remote Scottish Island. However, I turned my lens to weddings and found it so rewarding. I get a great buzz from sharing in other people's happiest times and contributing to the memories of such a wonderful moment. I am engaged to be married to my fiancée in Canada this year so if I'm not filming your wedding, I'll be busy planning my own!


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